Monday, 1 February 2010

Around and Around

Is a song by Chuck Berry of course. I prefer this version. That little riff Keith does, GB can do the same !

It's the old bear again....sorry.

Yea...I've been listening all day to sport radio and JT is top of the tree. Everybody involved in the game seems to have an opinion. The fan's take opposing views too.

Interestingly, a huge swath of Chelski supporters have been marshalled, it would seem almost, by dark forces, to flood the switchboards with expressions of sympathy, support and manly pride.

Contrastingly, various Citeh supporters have been outraged in their condemnation of Capt Terry's dubious conduct.

Apparently, Fabio has the sole task of national arbiter, regarding Mr Cool's ultimate future.

What's struck me most about the whole thing is that, the moral maze, modern Britain has become. is a vibrant, if stroppy soup of a Country.

Anyway, just to say I think he needs to consider his position. I think, GB agrees. I say I think, because it would appear moral absolutes are not, decidedly, the way forward in this matter and both of us have wavered in our judgement regarding our leader.

All driven on, I would submit to the bench, by Red Tops.

Don't we just love it ?


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