Saturday, 20 February 2010

Still Learning

I think I have told you before I now travel to work by train.

Which is proving very helpful to my football studies.

My lover regularly buys me FourFourTwo magazine.

And with the extra time my new transport gives me, I am taking the trouble to read it cover to cover.

You'd be amazed what I have learnt.

I now know, for example, about a character called Jimmy Jump.

That England won a football world cup this year.

But most excitingly of all, I have found out that there is a major debate going on about what Mancini's scarf says about him.

Some say it makes him a style icon.

Others that it shows he is loyal.

It is even suggested that it shows he is a vulnerable as the fans.

And there was me thinking he just looked a bit of a muppet.

It just shows you, I still have so much to learn.


Derek said...

Unless the results improve the fans will place it behind his left ear complete with a running loop

Georgina Best said...

LOL! Very good. It's cashmere I understand so I hope it won't get damaged in the process