Monday, 30 June 2008

The Beach Is Back

I'm back!

Bright eyed and bushy tailed (well I am a Fox after all).

Dorset was lovely. Thanks for asking. Our trip included a trip to a childhood holiday destination for me at Durdle Door (see pic).

One of the locals told me that part of the beach is for nude bathing. I have to say I have no recollection of that. Funny - my dad never mentioned it either ........

Needless to say though that despite not finding the opportunity to post, I continued my football studies with my usual diligence.

This included (of course) finding a sports pub to watch last night's match - my only regret being that the Spaniards did not manage to reflect the drubbing they gave Germany in the scoreline. 3 or 4 nil would have completely made my day but I'm not really complaining. It was a great game.

And today I hear Mr Lehman has been alleging that the ref was biased.

Yeah Jens - that would be when he let you off for handling the ball outside your area then.

I do hate a bad loser. At least Ballack behaved with dignity as he followed his team up for their runners up medal.

Mind you - he has had plenty of practise.

My education was also broadened by listening to Danny Baker on Five Live (or Five Dead for those of us in the know), who regaled us with stories about memorable, if somewhat obscure, sendings off. Like the Scotsman sent off for smoking on the pitch (he claims he forgot to take his cigarette out of his mouth at the end of half time...) or the player shown a yellow card in a car park after a match for bad behaviour (which stuck, as apparently the referees jurisdiction includes this area).

And now, after all the excitement of the last few days, I think its time to put my feet up with a glass of Sangria and wonder if Signor Torres will be able to transfer his success and take Liverpool to even greater heights this season.

Viva Espagna!

Friday, 27 June 2008

Pillage And Plunder

It's a dog eat dog world out there in the transfer market isn't it.

It's not just the lowly likes of Leicester who are having players carried off over the shoulder into the night. My lover's team Reading are losing Kitson, Shorey and Harper (allegedly).

As for last night's match - I mean the Russian's did alright but it was a rout really wasn't it. Three brilliant goals which just left Arshavin and his colleagues wondering what happened.

Which reminds me. I need to tell you that I am planning my own little invasion. On this occasion of the south coast. My lover and I are off in our little caravan for the weekend. So you may find me a bit absent over the next couple of days, unless I locate an internet cafe and can throw a few words your way.

My lover doesn't know it yet but I plan to buy my first football this weekend. The truth is I have never kicked a ball properly in my life but I feel driven to develop some level of skill on the ball.

The way things are going any one of us could get called up to play for Leicester if the plundering continues.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Love Football

I've been having a bit of a time tonight.

My son came over for the evening. After fixing some taps for me we had tea then watched the football.


It was really fantastic talking to him in an intelligent way about the game he loves so much.

He's started playing himself again recently. Five-a-side at the moment but he has plans to play eleven-a-side. He told me about how he loves it when he is playing and never wants it to stop.

And when Spain scored each of their three spectacular goals, we both cheered in unison at the magic of it all.

Don't you just love football?

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Klose But No Cigar

Separated at birth?

The Rats Leave The Sinking Ship

I guess you can't blame them, but various LCFC players are abandoning ship. Stearman is off, as is Hume.

Don't lose heart though you Foxes. Pearson has been auditioning this week to find new talent. He has scoured the world to find emerging stars, seasoned warriors and those with an animal instinct to succeed.

And all this despite efforts to distract and disrupt by rival teams.

I'm sure it will all be OK though.

Won't it?

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

A Nursery Rhyme

Incy Wincy manager has climbed up the football league
On condition that he studies for the coaching badge he needs
But like many Premiership managers, I feel somewhat afraid
That he'll be climbing up the leagues again if he doesn't make the grade

Should have come to Leicester!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Fed Up

Is anyone else fed up with the speculation about Cristiano Ronaldo and whether he will leave the ManUre to go to Madrid?

Yes? Me too. So lets not talk about it.

Lets talk instead about last night's match.

I mean are those Italians spoilsports or what? Their style seemed to me to be characterised by a script along the lines of "We aren't actually going to put much effort into winning but we want to make sure you don't either".

Well done to those Spanish for not getting ground down by the negativity. I would have been fed up if they had lost given the way they played compared to Donadoni's lot.

And talking of fed up, do you get fed up with that lot on Match of the Day? I mean for those of you who have been following football for years - how on earth do you put up with their shallow, largely uninformative comments?

There are odd exceptions I know - Martin O'Neill is alright for example. But I reckon even I could offer better analysis than Shearer.

As for the BBC commentators, Motty, whilst endearingly cheesy (and occasionally a little risque it would seem), can be irritating. Not as annoying as Graham Taylor though who we listened to on Five Live as we watched the match on telly.

So lets recap. I'm fed up with speculation, I'm fed up with negative football and I'm fed up with shoddy punditry.

Which just leaves me to say I'm off to be more fed up. Only this time with tea cooked by my lover.

So being fed up isn't all bad.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

What's In A Name?

I don't think anyone who has been watching Euro 2008 would suggest it has not been a compelling tournament so far. I have not watched a boring match yet and I have seen most of them.

I have no reason to think that will change either given the drama that is unfolding as various teams, previously considered outsiders, kick favourites into touch.

But just in case you do find your mind starting to wander at a particular moment, you may want to give some thought to what some of the Euro 2008 player's names may tell you about those individuals.

For example you can't help wondering what sort of surgery this Russian player might have undergone.

Or wonder if one of Sweden's forwards is having an identity crisis, as opposed to this man who was clearly born for his job.

Can this Russian midfielder really be so confident he will always escape justice?

And did this man's worries about the price of blackboard materials cause him to lose his concentration?

I do wonder if this Austrian really does. And this is definitely someone not to follow into the loo. Probably not him either.

Some of course need no further introduction.

You probably should not put your trust in this man to avoid disappointment. And you might soon tire of this player.

And does Andrei really go to such lengths to remove his body hair from sensitive areas?

Ah - the mysteries of football.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

I Have Questions

What happened?

Where were the Dutch team we have been watching so far this championship?

Who could possibly have predicted the result this evening?

And how come Hiddink can pull off such a victory given the size of his man-breasts?

Can you imagine the scenes in the Russian camp tonight?

Can Italy pull off four underdog victories out of four tomorrow?

What will my son do with his orange shirt now?

Answers on a postcard please.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Happy Father's Day

Today has been a day of paternal celebration.

Yes I know technically Father's Day was last weekend. But it really has been a day for dads.

I spent the day at a swanky lunch held to honour local community heroes, of which my dad was one. He has been in poor health for the last couple of years but has found the motivation and energy to continue helping others throughout that time. It was a proud occasion.

And of course we Foxes now have a new daddy.

Nigel Pearson.

Happy Father's Day.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Girls And Boys Come Out To Play

There's something of a debate going on at the moment about sexism in sports blogging. One of my fellow lady football bloggers was interviewed about the subject but was then cross when cuts were made which she objected to.

Those of you who've been reading this blog for a while will know that one of my many objections to the game before I started learning about it was a perception that men used it to exclude women from conversations. I have to say that my experiences since then though have been almost exclusively positive. For example no one (touch wood) has left abusive comment on this blog. All the men who have left messages or emailed me have been really respectful and encouraging.

"But" I hear you cry "You started the blog because of a sexist comment Georgina".

Which is correct of course, although as everything there was a context. If I really felt my lover was sexist at heart and disrespected women do you think I would be with him? Of course not.

Nor am I suggesting sexism doesn't exist. I'm a girl remember. I meet discrimination and prejudice in all its subtle forms, as do most of use in some way shape or form in our lives. And I also understand the complexities of how power coupled with these is what really causes the problem.

But somehow we have to find a way to deal with all this and move forward, otherwise we just get locked in a battle.

The point is men and women make sense of the world differently. We think differently and we are interested in things in a different way.

I know that is generalisation and I know you will always find exceptions to any 'rule' like that. But take the very issue of female vs male football bloggers. My analysis would be that on the whole the blogs written by men (assuming they are being truthful about their identity of course!) are more technically focused, whereas the girls tend to adopt a broader approach.

That is not a judgement on either. One is not better than the other. They are just different.

And I like to read both. One of my favourite male bloggers is this one. For me he has a great blend of knowledgeable analysis with enough technical information to stretch me but not leave me behind. One of my favourite girly bloggers is this one, who has just a slight tendency (!) to consider wider football matters, such as the level of hotness of various players and narrative about the latest antics of their WAGS.

The point is by accessing both perspectives, I think I get a much more holistic view of that thing that is football. The sociology as well as the technical game.

So it seems to me the problem of sexism is simple. Open your mind, accept we are different, listen to other perspectives and get more out of life.

What could be simpler?

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Gregory's Girl?

I couldn't help but feel sorry for France last night. A very suspect penalty, coupled with a harsh sending off in my opinion (and remember girls, when you are a football fan you must always have an opinion). And an embarrassing deflection off Henry for their second goal was simply the icing on the cake for the Italians.

To be fair of course the Italians do have a certain expertise.

And I'm not sure Monsieur Domenech's response immediately after the game was the most sensitive at a time when the French nation was in mourning as it's team crashed out of Euro 2008.

Meanwhile, in other news, the latest name to be linked to the Foxes is one John Gregory. Who by my reading doesn't have the most awe-inspiring records in management.

I'm always one to give people a chance before I judge of course. But given the difficulty we seem to be having recruiting I can't help worrying that we are probably having to take whatever we can get.

So if we do get JG, I think I'll reserve my unconditional endorsement for a while.

A few good victories could win me over though.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Spoilt For Choice

So then - which match to watch tonight?

With both being screened at the same time a choice has to be made. I really want to see the Holland/Romania match because I will be fascinated to see how a great attacking team fare against a great defending team.

On the other hand the France/Italy game is so critical how can I not watch that?

And have you managed to work out the various permutations as to who will go through to the quarter finals? Bearing in mind that Holland are already secured a place, this is how the runner up (who will play the winner of Group D) will be decided;

If Romania win they go through, irrespective of what happens in the other match. If they draw and the other match is a draw they go through. If France and Italy draw 0-0, Romania can lose by one goal, two goals or by a three-goal margin other than 3-0 but still qualify. If Romania lose 3-0 to the Dutch, Italy would qualify with a 0-0 draw against France because of their superior coefficient points. If Romania lose by four goals or more and the other game ends 0-0, Italy would proceed with a better overall goal difference. If France and Italy share a score draw (1-1, 2-2, 3-3 etc), Italy will go through if Romania lose (by any score). If Romania lose and one of the other teams win, that winning team will go through. France must win to have any chance of qualifying.

So now you know!

On balance then I think it will have to be the France/Italy match. Hoping for one of the combinations that send Romania through.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Blues Go Green

They are no turkeys those Turks that's for sure!

What a match. Drama, madness, heartbreak and delight. It had it all. I was just waiting for the man-eating tiger to bound on the pitch and carry the referee off in his mouth. The way things went even that would not have been too far fetched.

This is obviously my first major tournament since becoming a football fan so I don't have anything to compare it with. I'm not surprised to hear people say it is one of the best ever though. I haven't seen a single match that I would describe as completely dire and most I have seen have had either great attaching football and/or some fantastic defending that was in itself a delight to watch.

Closer to home, the fixture list for next season was released today. I've downloaded the Leicester City fixtures along with a picture of the Walkers Stadium onto my computer where it is now my desktop wallpaper. First match is at home to the MK Dons. Possibly without a manager at the rate we are going.

I have to say I feel very depressed about the names rumoured to be in the frame - Grayson, Lambert - all people who have been out of work for ages. Talk about having to settle for someone else's castoffs.

The most generous thing you can say about the situation is that The Foxes are doing their bit for recycling - even if it is just 'has been' managers.

And blues go green has a ring about it does it not?

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Happy Memories

It is something of a relief today not having the pressure of two consecutive matches to try to watch, although of course having the 2 Group A matches played at the same time causes it's own complications. Obviously there is much more at stake in the Czech/Turkey match as whoever wins goes through to the quarter finals as group runner up.

Other than that it was looking like a quiet footballing day until my daughter came over. She spent yesterday at a football coaching course. She works at a school for boys with behavioural problems and so is learning so she can teach them. Having heard all about that, at my lover's invitation she selected some tracks from his music collection to burn onto a disc, one of which was this.

What has that got to do with football I hear you ask? Well, every Foxes fan who has visited the Walkers will know it is the tune they play when Leicester City score a goal.

My it seems a long time since I heard that!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

The Clock Is Ticking

Well well!

I have to say that despite wavering a bit earlier in the week, I am now engaged completely again in Euro 2008. A great match between Italy and Romania yesterday, followed by the absolutely compelling game between Holland and France, including some absolutely amazing goals, especially the third Dutch goal?It will be very interesting to see what happens when Holland play Romania now they are guaranteed to go through to the quarter finals. I assume they will put out a reserve team, which means that there is a chance Romania could steal it. Now that would put the cat amongst the pigeons!

As for today's matches, having missed Spain earlier in the week I was disappointed with their performance tonight, even though they won. They will certainly need to raise their game if they are going to progress in this tournament. I'm not watching the Russia/Greece match though because
  1. I'm posting
  2. We have a friend round for the evening
  3. My lover is cooking a delicious curry which will be sliding down my throat with a nice cool lager within the next half hour
  4. I just can't get excited about either team
And amidst all that, the turbulent waters at Leicester City seem to be continuing. Paul Ince doesn't want to know and the only recently appointed CEO has already moved on.

Mandy must really be feeling the pressure now. Next season is already fast approaching - the fixture list is out on Monday. He needs to keep the fans onside to try to keep attendence up at the Walkers. Most of all though, he needs to find a manager who is half way decent but is willing to take a risk with someone who has such a trigger happy reputation.

Tick, tock, tick, tock..........................................................

Friday, 13 June 2008

Nature Watch

Today's science lesson, girls and boys, is about that fascinating animal- the football manager.

A creature that is recognised by most, although some breeds are much better known than others.

They almost exclusively begin life as players, then as they grow older, whilst the majority fall by the wayside, a select few metamorphosize into managers - much as caterpillars turn into butterflies.

Some thrive in a stable habitat. But for most, their harsh environment means they have to be able to acclimatise quickly to new surroundings and have the capacity to identify predators around them.

They live on a varied diet, some maintaining an athletic physique through a healthy diet, others choose to indulge in a staple menu of pies.

Whilst not usually regarded as an over-aggressive species, they have been known to become violent when aroused.

Some rise to the top of the pack and manage to stay there for prolonged periods . Others are destined to be in the spotlight one minute, then cast into the wilderness the next. Some are even hunted and have to rely on others to defend them.

What remains a mystery is what place do they go to to die. And indeed where they go to after that?

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Have I Got News For You

Hey listen!

Have I got some news for you.

Talk about a scoop. I've got the hottest story around.

And I'm pretty sure I'm the first one to be breaking it.

Wayne Rooney got married today!

There - told you it was good.

In a top secret wedding - probably one of the best kept secrets of this century - he married his childhood sweetheart Coleen.

The event was a very low key, low budget affair and the couple insisted upon no publicity.

As a special nuptial gift, and by way of recompense for knocking England out of the European tournament, Croatia sent their own special gift of a very satisfying German defeat.

Can't wait to see how long it takes the rest of the world to catch up with that one.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

There's Gonna Be Fireworks

Just heard the breaking news.

Scolari to Chelsea.

A man of passion and not to be messed with.

Let the fun commence!

Confessions Of An Errant Football Fan

Bless me readers for I have sinned.

Not badly. But I must confess to not having got home in time yesterday to see the Spain/Russia match and only half paying attention to the Greece/Sweden encounter. I did have to work late but I must admit to finding it difficult to sustain watching so many matches in such a concentrated period.

I am going to see if I can watch the Spanish triumph on the IPlayer though because everyone says they were just fantastic.

I haven't done much better this evening either. My lover is working late (he is running a group for men convicted of domestic violence) which means I have had to cook my own tea.

Now I know what you are thinking. You're a girl Georgina. You can multi-task. Keeping an eye on the Czech/Portugal match whilst rustling up a bit of supper should have posed no problem.

Sadly I have to report that so far it has been something of a disaster. Sure I did manage to see bits of the match, although because my technical knowledge is still developing, I have to concentrate hard to keep up with what is happening and remain engaged.

Which might explain how I managed to boil the potatoes and green beans dry, then when I served up my cheese and potato omelette forgot the beans completely.

And as I scraped the beans from the bottom of saucepan, I reflected on a conversation I had just two nights ago after watching the awful pictures of children starving in Ethiopia and India, when I pledged to try not to waste any food (did you realise we throw away 25% of the food we buy in this country?).

You've got to move on though haven't you. Not quite living up to your own expectations is part of the human condition I guess.

Something the England football team know all about of course. I wonder what they are thinking about as they watch this tournament unfold. I wonder if they are as disappointed as we are.

Now that would be a confession worth hearing.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The Future's Bright The Future's Orange

So then onside or offside?

What a match eh! I'm completely smitten by the Dutch team. They played like the Arse on a good day. It was a delight to watch.

So that's it now. I'm switching my allegiance from my cousins over the water to the clog dancers.

What's more I had a conversation with my son earlier. Turns out he has not only backed the Dutch to win (pre-tournament) but has bought himself a Holland shirt. I'm going to try to persuade him to get Georgina Best 1 on the back. Not sure how successful I'll be though ..........

So out goes the cock and in come the tulips.

Oh and please call me Georgina Van Best from now on.

Monday, 9 June 2008

For Goodness Sake France Just Score A Goal

I saw Mr Capello today.

Not in person you understand. On the TV. He was being interviewed (half time entertainment in the Romania/France match). I have to say his command of English was impressive and he was quite charming.

As for the football. Well I'm supposed to be supporting France. But I didn't fall in love with them tonight I have to say. Not that the Romanians made it easy. Weren't they great defensively?

Makes for rather boring football though. One of the commentators said as they came back on the pitch after the half time break "I feel like saying 'For goodness sake France, just score a goal'". I had the very same thought.

Oh and by the way - don't worry that all this continental excitement has made me forget the real football story of the moment.

Come on Mandy - he must be back of his holiday by now.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Out Playing With The Big Girls

Do you remember a few days ago I mentioned I had been invited to a round-table discussion with some other lady football bloggers?

Well we got together earlier in the week (virtually of course) and did that thing.

Talk about being out with the big girls! Some of them really do know their stuff. Left me standing to some extent. It was fun though and you can see the results of it here and here.

Now that the tournament has actually kicked off, I've already changed my views about some of the teams. Croatia's performance earlier was disappointing after the first 20 minutes of so I thought. And Austria, bless 'em, did the best they could with what they had.

Half way through the Poland/Germany match and it looks as if Herr Low's lot are heading for victory. A shame because I was expecting more of Poland.

Anyway there have been a few other highlights. I mean that Croatian coach - he's a bit of a dude isn't he? (if a little bit scary) Apparently he sings in a band in his spare time. Shake, rattle and roll!

And Michael Ballack. I'd forgotten what a hunk he is.

Talking of licking my lips, I'm off to nibble on some cheese and biscuits and watch the second half.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

That's Living

Today I was:

  • Looking forward to the start of Euro 2008
  • Excited about seeing the opening ceremony
  • Shocked at how awful it was
  • Entertained by the Switzerland/Czech Republic match
  • Sustained by popcorn at half time
  • Revived by pizza after the match
  • Riveted by the Portugal/Turkey match
  • Delighted about Portugal's victory
Now that's living!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Nightmare On Filbert Street

I've had pretty much an OK day until about half an hour ago.

There was work obviously but when I got home we went out for a lovely drive and pub meal here.

On the way home we listened to Talk Sport and they were running a phone in on the topic of "Tell us what you hate most about the sport you love most".

A Leicester City fan rang in and said;

"I hate not being able to remember who the manager is"

Though a little harsh I had to admit it was quite funny too.

My lover and I then had a conversation that went like this;

Lover: He's going to struggle to get anyone to go there. He'll have to pay them shedloads of money
GB: It will have to be someone with nothing to lose

Momentary silence, then as I said;

"Oh god - please no!"

my lover simultaneously said;

"Umbrella Man"

I'm not a religious person but I can feel a prayer coming on, with the words Paul Ince in there somewhere.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

On The Road

So we are sniffing around Paul Ince then.

For what it's worth I think it would be a great appointment. A view shared by many of the fans on the Leicester City Forum, Talking Balls.

You have to wonder in some ways why he might want us though. OK the Dons have only just come up into League 1 and we should be at the top of that next season (oh please let it be so!). But you would think twice, wouldn't you, about coming to work with someone of Mandaric's track record? Unless you didn't have much too lose or the deal was too good to turn down and worth the risk.

Plus I heard on the radio this evening that Blackburn are interested in him too if they can't secure Allardyce.

You have to wonder just how many manager's jobs are not a poisoned chalice these days. Mark Hughes has been told he must make the top six by the end of the season or else. Last season was littered with casualties and you just know next season will probably be the same if not worse.

If I was a football manager I would probably take to living in a caravan. It's much more suited to such an itinerant lifestyle.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Brave New World?

It had to happen sooner all later.

Even though we were - you know - the 'r' thing (I can't bring myself to say it) a few weeks ago, I have taken some comfort from the fact that we remained listed in the Championship section of the BBC Sport Football website. Somehow it made the horror of it all seem less real.

Tonight, however, I discovered they have had a reshuffle to reflect the new order of things and of course Leicester City are now on the League 1 page.

What I also realised at that moment of discovery was within 15 short months I have become a football snob.

Cheltenham, Bristol Rovers, Yeovil, Hereford, Hartlepool and so it goes on. Surely, surely, we were made for better things.

There is a famous Shakespeare quote ('The Tempest' for the literary scholars amongst you) that goes;

"O brave new world that has such people in't".

Errr........ no!

Looking on the bright side of course, lots of these teams are in the South West so I won't have to travel so far to away matches. And presumably the tickets will be cheaper.

To quote another genius, Jean-Paul Satre, "L'enfer, cest les autres" (Hell is other people).

No Jean-Paul. Hell is League One. That is why Leeds United are here too.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Smash And Grab

The Special One has landed.

And he's already causing a stir, threatening to go on a smash and grab raid for key players from Chelsea at the earliest opportunity, given half a chance.

Mind you if I was a Chelsea fan I would say he is welcome to Mr Droba after his antics in the Champion's League final.

Anyway enough of Jose for now as I have little doubt he will start to feature regularly again in this blog, if only to justify to my lover why I keep staring at images and videos of him.

On to more important things, such as what my lover and I got up to last night. (Ah yes, all of a sudden I have your attention!)

You will recall our conversation about watching the end of the Trinidad and Tobego match on the web. Well he relented (probably because he read the post!) but then we couldn't find it anyway. So instead we watched a YouTube video about world cup goals.

To those of you who have been immersed in football for years, most if not all of them will be very familiar. But to a girl new to football it felt a wonderful indulgence.

Two goals in particular stand out. The first is my lover's favourite of all time. He has talked about it before but I had never even heard of the player let alone seen the goal. Apparently if I say "The Archie Gemmil goal", seasoned footie fans will know exactly what I am talking about.

It is an amazing goal - to be fair (as they say in footballing circles).

My favourite was of course, predictably, the one that turned Becks from reviled outcast into national hero. It's not just the goal but the passion of the build up through his play, the tightness of the time and the euphoria afterwards that send a shiver down the spine.

Enjoy it once more.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Turning The Tables

I don't usually post twice in one day but I must share the conversation I have just had with my lover with you.

Georgina: I'm so disappointed I didn't see the end of the match last night (sorry to let you down girls but I fell asleep!). It was on BBC though so we could watch it on the IPlayer on line
Lover: Do we have to? I know what happened.

So now who doesn't do football?

Tables turned I would say.

It's All Gone Quiet Over There

And off we go on the roundabout that is football management.

Mourhino off to Inter Milan to replace Mancini, who is rumoured to be one of the favourites for Mourhino's old job at Chelsea. Mark Hughes looking an increasingly likely option for Manchester City now Sven has finally been given his marching orders.

And so it goes on.

It's not all mad action though. Some situations that had seemed decidedly rocky a few weeks ago have suddenly disappeared from the radar. Benitez at Liverpool for example.

And I am not picking up anything much about Hollow Ways replacement at the moment. There isn't even the usual degree of speculation amongst the Foxes faithful.

Of course we have got the distraction of the European tournament coming up.

That should keep us quiet for a bit.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Of Luck, Puck And Er......... A Cock

How awful!

Those poor unlucky people killed in that disaster at a Liberian football match.

It is a humbling reminder that whatever our small moans and groans in life there is always someone facing something far worse.

Not that I'm feeling particularly gloomy today. In fact I am really looking forward to tonight's match. I know some of the big names won't be playing but I think it will offer an interesting insight into just what Mr Capello is trying to build in the England camp, and hint at some stars of the future.

Another thing I have been doing today is preparing my lover's little caravan for us to take away on holiday. I think it is probably the smallest caravan in the world. I'll definitely have to moderate my pie eating when we are away in that.

I have also been continuing my preparations for Euro 2008. My kitchen has an increasingly French feel to it (topped off by the cheap ornamental cockeral I keep in there to annoy my lover) and the hanging garlic and onions are giving me the urge to don my beret at ever opportunity.

Ok, I made some of that up.

You've got to get excited though......haven't you?