Saturday, 22 August 2009

Having Your Cake And Eating It

My mother always brought me up to believe that salivating is not a ladylike thing to do.

I think that in most circumstances I would agree with her.

But faced with the prospect in about 15 mins time of not only watching my first Match of the Day this season, but also a new BBC offering called the "Football League show".

Now in these days of wall to wall satellite channels you may be surprised to learn that we remain a 4 terrestial channel household.

So the next couple of hours or so are going to be as close to having your cake and eating it as it gets.

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Derek said...

I also do not have Sky T.V. because as a sports fanatic I would quickly become a couch potatoe. And another thing I have dispenced with my remote control. Getting up to change the stations is excellent exercise. You ought to try it sometime Georgie.