Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The World's Our Lobster

It's not proving possible to post every day due to my current circumstances. With no electric I have had to rely upon the people who own the site we are on (or more accurately the field we are in as the only facility is a water tap!) to charge up my laptop. So please bear with me.

Anyway since my last post we have continued to explore the coastal area of Northumberland.

One particular highlight was stopping at a local pub the other evening for a quick drink and emerging 3 hours later having got engaged in conversation with a couple of locals who proved to be a mine of information.

Useful 'facts' gleaned included;
  • Don't call a Northumbrian a Geordie - they don't like it
  • Scotland can't be as great as the Scot's claim otherwise there would not be so many scattered around the world. They would be living there instead
  • No-one in their right mind would voluntarily pay a visit to the "Stadium of Shite'
Other than that, the last few day's have been fairly devoid of football, unless you count the conversation with my lover when we were marvelling at the legs of a couple of male members of a French dance troupe performing at the Alnwick International Music Festival, agreeing they were worthy of a Premiership player.

Today we visited Cragside which was fascinating. And I managed to find a football link. (The Armstrong family used to own Cragside).

Tomorrow we are heading off down to Scarborough to find more fish and chips, somewhere to busk and of course to broaden yet further our footballing horizons.

Tonight though we are off to sample some local kippers - or maybe even a lobster.

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