Monday, 24 August 2009

Lost Treasure?

I read an interesting article in The Telegraph today.

It bore the intriguing title "The nation should cherish Michael Owen, not allow him to be caned".

As a girl still relatively new to football, my entry point to Michael Owen is probably different to most fans in that my 'knowledge' of him to date is limited to the following;
  • He played for Newcastle when I first knew him - from which I deduced he was not good enough to play for any of the top teams
  • He is very injury prone and has been out of action more often than not
  • He is a spent force who once shone for England but is now a has-been
As you can imagine, therefore, I was surprised when he was bought by the ManUre. Whatever issues I have with Fergie his ability to spot, develop and optimise talent has never been in question.

Interesting then to read Henry Winter's account of the first time he saw Owen play in a competitive match and how he has never forgotten it, nor lost respect for him.

I for one will watch developments with considerable interest over the next few months.

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