Sunday, 20 June 2010

How Very Dare They

As I write this, I am somewhat distracted by the sight of Adebayor on my 42", looking very hot.

Surrounded by a very much less hot - indeed positively luke warm, Alan Shearer and Alan Hanson.

Talk about a rose between two thorns.

Emmanuel, the man who managed to do well at Manchester City, no less.

Unlike Robinho, who is clearly performing much better at international level.

And spare a thought for Kaka. Victim of an outrageous disgrace.

Talking of outrageous disgraces, how did Graham Taylor ever get to be manager of the England football team?

I heard him on the radio today.

The best he had to offer was a one-dimensional analysis of the England team's performance to date in the World Cup.

And then I hear the English FA have announced that they expect Capello to resign if we get knocked out at this first stage.

How very dare they?

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