Friday, 11 June 2010

Faith, Hope And Hearing Clarity

I am bedecked!

The house is suitably festooned.

Our front room bears its own decorations.

We have flags. We have bunting. We have badges. I have my shirt (My Lover does not consider himself to be a football shirt wearer!).

I am ready.

Plans in place to have my hair done tomorrow morning, then collect My Lover from the airport, visit my father for his 70th birthday, then home to beer, bubbly and a night of passion.

Football passion I mean, of course.

Oh and I have been back to see my hearing clinician, whose equipment, I am pleased to report, is now working.

So I now have nicely balanced, (if slightly pointed), ears to listen to all that wonderful commentary.

And the Match of the Day team.

Which means I have all the time in the world now to concentrate on the only thing that matters for the next few days or weeks.

It's like I said to a work colleague today; I am so excited - so looking forward to it. Even though I know it is almost certain my heart is going to get broken sometime in the next 4 weeks.

Just imagine that pain lying ahead.

Where does the pain come ?

It's a bereavement of course.

A death.

The death of Hope.

A test of Faith.

But we are not there yet.

We are watching those two seedlings grow and flourish.

Every game won will be food to their roots.

So I think it's time to water those plants with a couple of beers.

And put me feet up to watch France struggle against Uruguay.

Have a nice evening!

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