Friday, 4 June 2010

Reach For The Stars

......and another one bites the dust!

Or several actually if you look wider than the England team.

I feel sorry for Ferdinand himself of course.

And we will feel his absence at the back, even though I don't believe he is in particularly good form.

But I do think Gerrard will make a better Captain.

As long as his heart is in it.

And who to select as Vice-Captain?


It won't be Terry for sure.

King perhaps? James, if he is the favoured goalkeeper, although I think that may prove to be Joe Hart?

It's like the most wonderful drama unfolding before our eyes.

And nobody yet knows the script.

I feel as if my heads are going through the clouds to gaze at the stars beyond.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Rio's not available. St Stevie of "Me" will be a whole lot better in the Cap't department and King playing alongside his newly called-up WHL colleague will be better than what we had.


Chudio said...

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