Monday, 14 June 2010

World Cup Fever!

My interest in football goes back to the late fifties. Liverpool were on the telly a lot and so I supported them. 1966 came and went. I was thrilled we won, but I was just a boy.

(it's HL tonight btw-She's out doing good works promoting young talent ? in the community)

Anyway, a boy who had a crippled Father. A crippled Father who, before his physical abilities left him, was a County standard footballer and cricketer.

So my attempts at joining in with other boys, were not always successful. Confidence in myself was not always high. My eyesight was poor. Measles caused it.

I joined the military, still supporting the reds. Lots of men played football but didn't really talk about it to me that much. My life was taken up by one of these for a while.

And, for nearly 15 years, my head was turned by blokes who did this.


I left the boys in Airforce Blue behind and became a.........Probation Officer

Gradually, through being a bit cerebral now, I got to thinking about the idea that football is actually a really important sociological thing.

A way for people to come together in conflict (with rules) without killing each other.

About 4 years ago. GB and I, fell in love. She didn't know very much about football but a chance conversation about Theo Walcot confirmed she was interested in the soap opera side of it.

I filled in a some of the early gaps and now, 48 months on, she's made herself a reluctant expert on the modern game.

As I've said before on here. I'm glad now to proclaim Girl's can do football. I was wrong. GB has proved this so.

Meanwhile, and a few years on, I'm retired now. I'm basking is a new-found freedom from tyranny,and have enjoyed most of the games on our media system whilst GB slaves away being a CEO.

At half-time in one match, I changed channels and was fascinated to see this guy teaching people how to sell personal treasures for the most money they could get.

My personal treasure is the fact I have a girl who loves football, plays guitar like this and understands the importance of a well-cooked meal.

I wouldn't sell that for the world.

She's gonna be linked to a big site soon. Watch out for further news.


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