Friday, 21 May 2010

Football Saves The Day

We sat amongst the wires and flashing lights, my hearing consultant and I.

He was trying to connect my Phonaks to the computer to balance them to my prescription with special software.

"Computer says 'no'", was the response.

"Do you like football?", I ventured, to fill the space.

"Yes I do", he responded.

"Looking forward to the World Cup".

His response to the affirmative was followed by ten minutes of the life and times of Tranmere Rovers and Leicester City. John Alderton and Gary Linnekar. Flasks of tea and how it feels to lose when you are actually at the match. The highs and lows of striving for promotion or struggling against relegation. How so many people you ask who say they like football support the big four. What they miss. And how they can only exist because of all the lower tiers and their supporters.

Upshot is, I've got to go back because the software let us down.

But I left feeling I'd had a good experience.

Good job you can depend upon football to save a situation.

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