Friday, 7 May 2010

I Vote For Football

Did you vote?

I did. I'm a great believer in the democratic process, cumbersome and imperfect as it is.

I even spent a few hours delivering leaflets for the local Labour and Co-operative candidate, who has served as the local MP for a number of years, and is genuinely respected for his achievements by all sections of the community - young, old and of all political persuasions.

It's a great reminder of how the big is created by the small, and that true power, if we can recognise it, always lies with the local.

For me, it reinforces what I observe in the sociology of football.

What makes football so wonderful - so universal - is that anyone can do it.

Babies. Women. Street kids.

And it's that passion that permeates upwards to create the global phenomenon that is our beautiful game.

So, of these two worlds in which I have an interest, politics and football, which is the one that is going to stir Georgina's local passion do you think?

The colour of our next prime minister?

Guess again.

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