Monday, 10 May 2010

The Last Straw.

Is a metaphorical expression often heard in the English language suggesting a breaking place in a person. A point of no return. It's also the name of this little band.

That point was reached in myself this morning as I heard Beeky discussing the latest drama to beset my beloved Liverpool FC. (Obviously, its the old man tonight-GB is out making Stroud a groovier place)

I know, I know, I know. I'm always on about Rafa. But please, he has to go soon.

I fear, however (as I've said before) it'll need to get worse-quite a lot worse, before it starts to get even the smallest bit better.

And then'd better watch out, because the reds will return to glory. Won't they?

Just to say btw, really good luck to The Foxes on Wednesday Night.

As GB said last night, we've got a tribe coming around and I'm on Pizza. I believe with the amazing Steve Howard back, you will prevail. Then it'll be you lot V's Hollow-Way

From what I saw of the Walkers match on Sunday, it's far from over.

World Cup soon too. Fab !


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