Friday, 14 May 2010

It's All Gone Quiet Over There.

GB that is.

14 hour days coupled with a very hurtful defeat in the Play-offs has rendered the girl reflective and without football inspiration seemingly.

So it's me tonight. HL (Her Lover)

Anyway, Wednesday evening presented the Best household with a dilemma. With family and friends coming round to watch football and eat pizza, should we not present them with a choice of viewing and, by democracy, decide whether we watched the UAFA Cup, or The Foxes try to gain entry into the Prem?

Everone through the turnstile of our front door voted and, thankfully for GB, we watched Leicester and "Sky-Plussed" the Fulham game.

Midweek saw us with 6 seats arranged in two rows staring at disaster. Half way through the match, GB's step-son (Chel$ea fan) said to her rather archly, "I think it'll go to penalties, it'll be good, it'll allow you to feel the tension" I say, it's all gone a bit quiet over there. I think she may be building up her strength in getting ready to further her lingering love of the FA Cup, indulgence of Portsmouth and respect of Avram Grant.

Through the gloom, I did note, however, a certain frisson in her manner this evening (over tea) when the topic of David Beckham's presentation to Sepp Blatter was being discussed on C4 News.

Lot going on there, I'd say.


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