Wednesday, 26 May 2010

We Shall Go To The Ball

So we rank 8th in the latest FIFA rankings for the World Cup.

That means Capello's contractual target of reaching the quarter finals is a stretch but achievable, based upon performance to date and assessment of potential.

So anything less will mean they have under achieved and failed expectations.

But how to achieve more?

How to exceed not just expectations, but to create a performance greater than the sum of its component parts?

Some special, additional ingredients required, methinks.

For one, there have to be no critical injuries in the first team players and no key players seriously impacted.

Secondly, they need to get the rub of the grass when it comes to refereeing decisions.

The third positive influence will be found amongst the various personal agendas, driving people to perform with belief and desire for their own reasons. The Gerrards, Ferdinands and Terrys who have the prospect of this potentially being their last world cup. The Walcotts (if he goes), Wright Phillips' and Cashleys who manage to rise above the criticism of their performances and play to their strengths. The team of goalkeepers, who could surpass expectations and provide us with a generation of talented and consistent ultimate defenders.

Fourthly, the team spirit, sense of common purpose and understanding, and ability to predict and respond to each others play and act cohesively, is critical.

And finally, a sprinkling of Fairy Godmother Capello's magic dust.

And then, dear readers, we shall go to the ball!

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