Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A Right Kettle of Fish

Tonight, GB is out with her Mum watching The Yeoman of The Guard.

The old boy is at home looking after stuff and watching Millwall and Huddersfield in the Div 1 play off semi's.

Currently, at a very heavily policed New Den, the home team are two up. This means they'll meet my mate P's side in the final.

P is a bloke I met before I retired from fully active service. He's a police dude and knows a thing or two about keeping trouble away from footy.

Millwall have a bit of previous of course and, presumably, have a local Police Service well used to the rigours of Bermondsey. I think Danny Baker is a fan.

Hopefully (from my perspective) Robins win the Final although they may then go on to Championship Oblivion unless the Country Ground gets a much needed re-vamp.

Because I used to work in the Swndon Community, I feel strongly for the town who has a great and proud tradition, strong and enduring footballing culture and a burning desire to play hardball with the big boys again. As always, money needs to be found.

They could though, with finance, follow their bitter enemy's example and become more successful?

Good Luck to them anyway.

To end, I don't think GB is aware of this kettle of fish yet.

I wonder what she'll make of it all?


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