Sunday, 9 May 2010

Reasons To Be Cheerful

There's a somewhat subdued air in the Best household this evening.

It's not miserable. It's not despondent.

Just a bit flat.

After watching Blackpool ride high in the first leg of the first semi-final Championship playoff yesterday, I was hoping we might secure at least a one or two goal home win to take us to Cardiff on Wednesday.

Now we will have our work cut out, against a team with a good home record.

It's not over yet of course. Unlike the Premiership.

And whilst at an intellectual level I think Chel$ea deserved the title, I can't feel pleased about it.

They are Chel$ea after all.

Like I say though, it's not all over.

And Gooner Junior, my Chel$ea loving stepson, and one or two other friends are coming over for beer and pizza on Wednesday whilst our fate is determined.

Do know, I'm already feeling more chirpy!

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