Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Him Indoors !

Fraid' GB is away tonight on citizenship duties and, I'm tasked with entertaining you readers. Tin hats everyone !

I'm having a trying evening.Firstly, because I was late back from work I relied on GB to cook tea. I was given these . As a consequence,I need empathy and love.

Also, I've heard Mr A is off to Citeh.

Loyal fans of this blog will know well, GB, Junior Gooner and I have a difference of opinion about the Arse.

Losing this giant of a team player will spur the spawn of the devil, hateful London side to greater achievement in the Prem. Never was there such a donkey. Grrrr indeed !

Mind you, I suppose he's likely to wreak havoc at Wastelands too so maybe things aren't so bad after all.

On a slightly more positive note for me, Liverpool may represent a more settled club this year. I hear you sniggering and I fear in my heart you may be right, but I'm hoping for that distant miracle.

Finally, can I recommend to all GB's readers, that if you like groovy music, have a look at a band that plays simply, with one microphone ?

Peace and Love


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areallaticfromthesouth said...

GB betta watch out!! You are getting good fella.