Tuesday, 21 July 2009


She's away again. So it's me. The old bear. It's been quite a week. Slowly, surreptitiously, I've been introducing GB to the C word ! Not an immediate fan, I'll grant you.......but !

She said to me last night.......archly........" Bear, I've a question for you" I answered in a cool manner-underneath thinking "oh-er"

" I want you Bear, to tell me the nick names of the following People"

My heart sunk ! I thought quickly to myself, how much is there to know about Harry Potter ?

However, my fears calmed quickly when she uttered the following words.

"Phil Tufnell"

I quickly replied "The Cat"

It was like I was a genius because her face lit up and she exclaimed
"Wow, I'm impressed"

At this point I knew I had her in my palm. The world of Cricket is before her.

My passion for both Football and Cricket knows no bounds. I've been fascinated by the latest test series, a contest going back over a hundred years. In particular the departure of Mr Pontin during the first Australian Innings was a piquant moment to savour.

In football, GB has pointed to the exploits of David Beckham in her last post. America, does not deserve him. He should have done a Cantana !

I saw today that Sven might be going to Notts County Then I heard THIS !!!!!

Don't say you didn't hear it here (sort of) first.

Love to all. GB in the big city tomorrow with groovy lappy and attached...er...dongle. Hopefully, you'll say "Please post soon Georgie"

And she will

Love HL

Oh....and here's groovy tune from the Guy GB and I went to see the other night.

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