Monday, 6 July 2009

Fishin' Blues

My lover sent my boy a pie.

My boy, Junior Goonier was very pleased, not least as it arrived just after a 4 day stint of fishing. Apparently he was living on bacon sandwiches and hadn't eaten properly for days.

We aim to please.

Anyway, it meant we got to have a bit of a natter. Haven't caught up with him for ages

Like my lover and I, he thinks Terry can be bought.

And like we said - then where would Chel$ea be?

Owen to the ManUre. Shrewd move on Fergie's part we reckon.

MO could well be headed for a renaissance.

So what about Cesc? Would he go for the right amount?

Seems it may not be down to him at the end of the day.

So much going on. So many worries. Will the Arse get the players they need to prove what they are capable of within their tight budget?

I do hope my boy's not worrying himself too much about it.

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M.J.Y said...

I think whilst Carlo is in charge of Chelsea, Terry will stay put, although I do think that he has somehow orchastrated this media frenzy surrounding a possible move, to try and gain more wages from Chelsea (just a theory).
Agree about Owen going to ManUre, a good bit of business by S.A.F, recieve £80m for a crybaby and get a proven goalscorer who will work wonders when fit alongside Rooney - which will benefit Eng in 2010.
Cesc, unsure.

But on the old Foxes news: WELLENS has signed. A good player from what I've read, Doncaster fans seem sad to see him go; another good move by N.P? Hopefully - I have my faith in him!