Thursday, 17 December 2009

Cue Drumroll

So the cathedral went OK.

We gave them this.

And this.

In our own unique way of course.

My friend Blue Rinse (don't ask - it's too complicated to explain) came along with an amazing PA system and two friends to help set it up.

We have been friends for a number of years, although I don't see him very often these days.

I was delighted, therefore, when he came and gave me a Christmas kiss with one hand behind his back and said "I've got a present for you".

Ignoring my mother's childhood warnings to me about strange men bearing gifts, I waited eagerly.

I was not disappointed.

I am now the proud owner of.....

(Cue drumroll)

.... "Football Grounds From Above". A book of aerial photographs of all the main stadia in this country.

Now that - ladies and gentleman - is a proper Christmas present.

(PS With My Lover out of the room, here is a little treat for Gooner Junior. It has no connection with the story above but hey - it's nearly Christmas!)

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