Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Every Girl Should Have A Dehumidifier

I have not been completely focussed on football today.

I know that is shocking but I have a good excuse.

I have been decorating our utility room.

It has been bright yellow until now, with dark brown varnished doors.


Anyway I set out to paint it all white and put in a new floor.

The plan was to complete the painting by the end of tomorrow and fit the floor after Christmas.

It started off OK. I did all the preparation yesterday and undercoated 2 of the 3 doors and door frames.

Up first thing to emulsion the walls.

Careful painting between a load of heating pipes with a little brush to get between and cover up the yellow behind.

Then a bigger brush to do the edges.

Then the fat old roller.

It is a holistic experience for me, painting.

In the sense that whatever I am wearing is usually as well decorated by the end of a session as the walls themselves, which was slightly unfortunate on this occasion as I nicked my lover's overalls because it was easier than going upstairs to get mine (I explained to him that I had so many layers of clothes on I couldn 't fit in to mine).

Anyway my deception caught up with me because after all my hard work it has all gone terribly wrong.

I started to get worried when the paint was not dry after 3 hours.

It got worse.

The utility room is an extension to the house, and could clearly have been better built.

Some insulation in the outside wall perhaps.

Which may have prevented the condensation that has now formed due to the cold weather and has resulted in my lovely painting running down the walls in places and forming painty puddles on the floor.

Let hope the dehumidifier I borrowed from my Dad will do the trick and I will be able to start sorting out the mess tomorrow.

If I was the unkind sort I might liken the situation to that at Liverpool.

It's certainly feeling all a bit slippery over there.

I can feel a chill run down my spine just like my paint.

Torres has come out in support of Benitiz.

An almost exact replication of Tevez's plea just a few days before Hughes' head rolled.

Fingers crossed Benititez has got a dehumidifier.

And that it works.


Derek said...

How much did the "fat old roller" charge per hour?

Georgina Best said...

My fat old rollers always work for me for nothing! :-)