Thursday, 3 December 2009

Fou Ou Génie?

I'm something of a Wenger fan as you know.

I believe him to be iconic in his own way..

As does my son, Junior Goonier (whose name I have decided to change to Gooner Junior - just because I can)

But sometimes it is hard to defend some of his antics.

Including his latest apparent lack of grace, over, it would seem, someone metaphorically kicking their ball over the fence into his garden.

Interestingly a feature of a number of previous encounters has been his accusation that others are losing their grip on reality (Ferguson, Mourhino).

And this latest incident has caused the mighty Guardian to set up a referendum on the question "Is Arsene Wenger losing it?".

At the point I took the poll over 68% of voters thought not.

But I want to know what you, my dedicated readers, think.

Fou ou génie ?

Vous décidez.

Arsene Wenger. Madman or Genius?

He's so cuckoo he should be in an Alpine clock
Einstein pales into insignificance next to him
He has his moments but don't all talented people?
It is 'ard to say. I did not see eeet.
He should be forced to resign from Arsenal and sent to manage Leicester City

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