Sunday, 27 December 2009

There's No H In Winger

Is performing a good throw-in a footballing skill or not?

My view is that it is.

As you know I am not a girl schooled in the art of actually playing the beautiful game, but it seems to me that the whole point is to be able to meet the various different challenges the game presents and that you do this by selecting a team with a variety of different but complimentary skills.

So if one of those challenges is to be able to throw in from the sideline after the ball has gone out of play then surely managers should be taking this into account when developing players and selecting teams.

I must, therefore, beg leave to differ with the Mighty Monsieur.

You and your team may have given my son the best 3 courses he had all Christmas today, but puuurleesss ..............

It would seem that after a playing career in defence, you now prefer the whinge.

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