Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Personality Crisis

So if football is the national game, you would expect the BBC Sports Personality of the Year shortlist to feature at least 2 or 3 leading proponents of the beautiful game.

Wayne Rooney perhaps.

Not simply for his consistent, committed and talent performances on the pitch.

But for being an 'ordinary lad' who remembers where he comes from and is learning to become master of himself.

Or what about John Terry (I'm feeling a little bit sick saying this. He's a bit unsavoury in many ways but....)?

Loyal to his Chel$ea (nothing to do with his fat wage packet of course). The rock of England.

But no. What do we get?

Ryan Giggs.

Great footballer - yes.

But surely the whole point of the contest is the Personality has to have one?

Who would I vote for?

Well I'd drop a line to the powers that be and ask them to add an extra place and add Jimmy Bullard to the list.

Second time lucky eh?


Anonymous said...

sport personality??? too many great men and women for there to be one personality...let there be every sport its own personality. So, motor sport - Jensen
football - Theo Walcott and so on and so forth

Georgina Best said...

Good idea. Who might we choose for golf I wonder.....?