Monday, 30 November 2009

How Cheap Am I?

I'm a girl of high principles as you know.

But sometimes I can be tempted and led astray.

Seduced by a promise of fame and fortune.

Or lured by the promise of beautiful gifts.

Of course being a blogger of some stature, I receive lots of requests (well one a week at least), to put commercial links and advertisements on my blog.

But I have decided this blog should remain dedicated to its original purpose of bringing enlightenment to all girls who can't do football and not get sidetracked by other agendas.

Anyway, usually such emails get little more than a cursory glance from me, if they are lucky.

But my attention was drawn this evening to one entitled "Swap a t-shirt for a link?".

So now you know how cheap I really am.

Because the link is now displayed proudly on the left hand side of this blog.

And I'm gonna get one of these!