Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Hand Of Frog

Ooh dear!

Half time in extra time.

France vs Ireland in the World Cup Qualifying Play-offs.

And the commentators I have been listening to on Talk Sport are not happy at all.

"It's a disgrace"

"Will the officials be brave enough to take retrospective action?"

The cause of their ire?

A goal, amply assisted by two blatant Thierry Henry handballs.

"Thierry Henry has committed professional suicide. He'll forever be remembered for that moment".

Over egging it?


But he wouldn't be the first to become imfamous for winning with their hands as well as their feet in the World Cup competition.

And if France were to win?

As the man on Talk Sport said, tonight's incident will go down in history as "The Hand of Frog"


FootMonkey said...

So disappointing :( my thoughts on the Hand of Frog:

Georgina Best said...

Hey footmonkey. Welcome. I note you share the anger about this incident.
I am left wondering how someone with such great thighs could possibly do such a terrible thing. Another of life's footballing mystery.

Anonymous said...

good read, post more!