Saturday, 28 November 2009

Nice Touch

I have had a touching day one way or another.

Touched by football of course.

Following all this afternoon's action.

I had a short nap this afternoon following a late night with friends yesterday.

I awoke to my lover telling me The Foxes were 0 - 1 up at half time.

As I was putting on makeup, ready to go out a while later, I smudged my mascara when I heard Scunthorpe had scored in the dying moments of the match!

Anyway, we went to a complex where older people live and spent a delightful couple of hours playing music to them.

We were made very welcome.

More wonderfully, we got the chance to talk to many of the people there about football and life.

A World War II bomber pilot who was also a Liverpool supporter.

A Glaswegian woman who thought the most sensible thing that could happen in football is for each player to be given a ball and save them having to battle over just one (I think perhaps she may be missing the point but who am I to question my elders?) and who misses her home country with a passion.

And some there stuggling with various disabilties, yet all still managing to sing along to this.

Talking of "we'll meet again", I loved a certain goal celebration today.

Nice touch.

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