Tuesday, 10 November 2009

For Bees A Jolly Good Fellow

Long term readers of this blog may remember that my dad was very ill a few months ago.

It was a difficult time.

But I kept the faith and he emerged the other side.

Since then he has faced huge challenges, not least of which was that his kidneys failed and he has been on dialysis since.

3 days a week lying for 4 hours then feeling wiped out for the rest of the day.

And he has proved himself the man he is.

He has scraped himself up off the floor and turned to face this onslaught head on.

Losing weight. Exercising. Being disciplined.

Today he has heard that his kidneys are working again sufficiently to stop the dialysis, subject to close monitoring to check they are coping.

And he is considering taking up bee keeping.

Which is probably the most rock and roll idea he has ever had.

What a man.

Like I said before he has yet to have his moment.

But he will.

Maybe he will even become a Brentford fan.

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