Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I'm forever blowing bubbles

I think I may have discovered what West Ham's problem is.

Their poor results may indeed be symptomatic of some problems with the manager, who some are suggesting is a leading contender for the sack race.

I think it is likely to have more to do with where the club focuses its attention, which it has to be said does not appear to feature football that predominantly.

At this point of Georgina's blog, she fell asleep at the computer, after a very hard day and, readers, a heavy cold. Thus, it is me, HL finishing things for the evening.

At work today, I spoke with a guy on a groupwork programme about The Hammers (he was wearing an ancient top from the mid eighties)

Bang at it supporter and a total believer in Zola "if the f......... board can sort it out"

Anyway....it's a debate. She'll be back tomorrow to fill you in.

Just to say, I thought tonight's outburst by Raffa "when you walk through a storm" etc etc etc, sat a little unhappily on his shoulders.


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