Sunday, 15 November 2009

Over There

It's amazing, isn't it, how sometimes a game of football has the capacity to command your complete attention to the exclusion of everything else around you?

And then of course there are times when it doesn't.

I meant to pay close attention to it.

I sat down and watched the national anthems and minute's silence for Enke.

I noted that Rooney was Captain.

And then my mind started to wander.

Not helped by my lover, who was equally vulnerable to the odd distraction.

So whilst we kept one eye on those poor boys battling their hearts out in the background, we found ourselves dipping in to You Tube.

Which proved to be a roller coaster experience.

The shock of the realisation I will never listen to Alan Brazil with the same respect again.

The eyes raised to heaven when My Lover puts this on, whilst claiming he did it for me.

The rather surreal awe of watching silkworms.

Then the "let's play it just one more time" not to be missed footage of cats riding a hoover.

And back to the football.

It's all gone quiet over there.

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