Sunday, 19 April 2009

L'Amour - C'est Bon

I love Arsene Wenger.

Want to know why?

A few years ago I had a difficult work experience. Following that I made a resolution that if ever I was in a leadership position, I would seek to get the best out of people through encouragement, coaching, kindness and expressed belief.

It is a philosophy I try to apply in my work.

And it is also something I admire in others

Yes Wenger (or Arsene as his 'buddy' Sir Alex has taken to calling him!), might irritate me sometime when he denies any wrong doing by his players.

But his approach to motivating his players is just what I would endorse.

It can lead to discipline problems if not carefully managed but Wenger has shown the ability to act decisively when he needs to, as in the case of Gallas earlier in the season.

So like I say, I love Arsene Wenger.

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