Monday, 13 April 2009

Rite Of Passage

Rites of Passage are an important feature in most societies and cultures across the world.

It is the duty and the privilege of a parent to guide and support their child at such times.

For my son, Junior Goonier, today saw his journey from a sofa-based football fan to the world of the live game.

My 24 year old offspring went to his first stadium match.

And what better baptism than the Leicester/Leeds clash at the Walkers.

It was a nail-biting experience. The sense of expectation and excitement in the stadium before the match was palpable, augmented by the knowledge that a Foxes win and an MK Dons draw or loss later in the afternoon meant certain promotion.

Although the latter was not to be (I was a Bristol Rovers supporter for a few hours today), the fierce battle between the two teams was matched by passionate support from both sets of fans.

Simon Grayson's post match assessment that Leeds had been the dominant team and deserved the win was complete nonsense of course. But it was a great spectacle none the less with both teams playing football (as opposed to the hump it, lump it and hope we are sometimes treated to), and Leicester leaving it to the dying gasps of the game to score.

I can't describe the reaction in any way that does it justice, but suffice it to say the earth moved (the concrete felt like it was moving beneath our feet as everyone celebrated).

So my boy is a man.

And Georgina has a big smile on her face.

Although I have of course spared a thought for my friend Luton Andy and his team today.

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