Sunday, 12 April 2009

A Devil Of A Battle

A number of church leaders across the country have criticised the playing of football matches on Easter Sunday.

According to one, Dr Sentamu, the former bishop of Birmingham, there is a "time and a place" for football which is not on Easter Sunday.

He added:"Do not think...22 people chasing a ball around is all life is about."

I'm not at all sure he is right though.

We go into battle against the devil tomorrow.

It doesn't get more biblical than that!


Mosher said...

Religious people can bugger off... I do recall at least one Premiership player who'd not play on a Sunday for religious reasons. I'm fairly certain he was a goalkeeper.

If the church doesn't approve on football on a Sunday then they don't have to go to the games. That's their choice. Given that only a very small percentage of the British population are practising Christians it's hardly their right to dictate what we (non-God botherers, speaking for myself) do.

Besides, in that case we shouldn't be playing on Fridays either. I know we don't have many games on then, but any we do play would be an insult to Jewish and Muslim football followers. Yet I've not heard any complaints from those camps...

Mosher said...

Actually, can I just contradict myself a little and say that in one way I do agree with the church statement?

No, we shouldn't have football on Easter Sunday. Or any Sunday.

Can we have it back on Saturday at 3pm as it's bloody supposed to be? Then everyone apart from Sky will be happy.

Derek said...

The Bishop has his religion - Mosher has his and both can worship there various idols but what about me. I worship money and the bloody banks are closed!

areallaticfromthesouth said...

Nice result Foxy one. Hope your journey home was good!!!