Thursday, 23 April 2009

Long Face

I'm a bit miserable.

I was planning to go up to The Walkers on Friday with Junior Goonier. We are playing Scunthorpe and will presented with the League One Cup as well as the new kit being unveiled.

Sadly some other people had the same idea though and there are no tickets left.

The other thing I'm feeling a bit down about is the thought of the season coming to an end. I know there is drama yet to come but once that is over there is the depressing thought of a summer ahead without an English football.

Just one chink of light has entered this darkness.

The return of a certain now beardless former Sunderland Manager.



Anonymous said...

A good week's work Georgina. Despite him indoors being away you've maintained a tolerable high standard. Well done indeed. Love from here


M.J.Y said...

Gutting for yourself that you cannot make it to the Walkers to see the mighty Foxes lift the cup; I suppose in that sense I am fortunate as I'm a steward there :D
Unfortunately though, with the new kit, the unveiling is for fans to pre-order it, and when that happens, I'll be starting my shift there, therefore cannot do as such - bad times!

I'll try to write a blog within the next few days on: doweneedanotherhero relating to the events today at the Walkers, pop by!

areallaticfromthesouth said...

So... U haven't said anything about being pleased when you lover returns. However I suspect you are getting feedback somewhere.

It's a shame you can't join the Foxes t-party this weekend.


Georgina Best said...
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Georgina Best said...

cf: thanks
mjy: Wow. A view from the inside at the Walkers. Give that cup a little kiss from me.
latic: I'm trying very hard to be brave.

M.J.Y said...

I was gutted that on Friday night, in the infinite wisdom of the head of safety, all stewards at the time of the trophy being lifted had to have their backs to the pitch therefore couldn't see it happen :(
Blog coming soon though (Wednesday latest) - will let u know!