Thursday, 2 April 2009

Nature Or Nurture?

The question on everyone's lips is - did he lose it or was he born without it?

It's a tricky one.

Could he have developed it or is it genetic?

The old nature vs nurture debate.

The mystery of just what happened to Alan Shearer's charisma may never be solved.

What is known is that he is careful to surround himself with others who suffer in a similar way in an effort to camouflage his shortcoming.

So lets pause to assess the situation.

No charisma. No direct managerial experience.

Still the fans seem happy.

Which leaves you wondering if they were born without any sense or if they lost it (sorry Mosher!)


Jane Thompson said...

It's simple, the fans are happy with having Alan Shearer back at their club.
Of course they are, it's his life and their dream, yet there is one issue here, and that's this.
The fans must remember that Alan is coming back to manage them and not to play for them.
Which is the latter they need, in these dark and horrific times at the bottom of the table.
My husband and i support Pompey, we too are holding caution to the wind.
Come on Alan, sort them out, i'd prefre to see another shirt drop.



Georgina Best said...

Jane - Thanks for visiting. If the other shirt was a Bolton one I would have to agree!