Tuesday, 28 April 2009

It Could Have Been Much Worse

Ive just got home having missed what I understand was a compelling game.

In the words of my lover "Chel$ea played resolutely against an exciting and inventive team, managed by a very beautiful man".

Yum yum.

So what was I doing that was more important than watching this piece of football magic?

I was taking part in a charity quiz.

We weren't very good to be honest.

It could have been much worse though.

If I hadn't known that the football teamed bought by Mohamed Al Fayed was Fulham and that Wayne Rooney went to the ManUre from Everton.

Oh and that Po is the smallest Telly Tubby.

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M.J.Y said...

TBH; the game saw Chelsea generally sit back and defend with ten men; I believe they had no more than 5 shots in total (on and off target) whereas Barca had around 20 (again, on and off target) - it is the type of football that "the special one" moaned at Spurs for playing a few seasons back, and chelsea fans will no doubt moan if Everton do the same in the FA CUP final!
All I can say is that I hope Messi and Co. give the boys from the bridge a spanking next Wed