Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sense Of Responsiblity

It is 5.20pm on Sunday evening.

I am just getting ready to set off to pick my lover up from Luton Airport.

No doubt he will have lots of stories to tell.

But then so will I.

He has been pretty cut off from football so it will be my responsibility to brief him on all the latest events.

He's lucky to have me isn't he?

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Anonymous said...

Status quo still in place, Liverpool still (effectively) 6 points behind and not looking the favorite they were just byafter the new year.

Prediction from me (now back in England) is that next year's Prem will be decided by a team from London and a team from Liverpool.

Foxes will be mid-table I believe. Challenging for the top slot in 2010-2011 ?

Thanks for the update George, its great to be back