Saturday, 18 April 2009

Bring It On

We love you Leicester we do
We love you Leicester we do
We love you Leicester we do
Oh Leicester we love you

We're going up
We're going up
Leicester's going up

I'm loving those boys in blue and white.

Thanks to Latic for sharing my joy.

Bring on the Championship.


areallaticfromthesouth said...

You're welcome Foxy Lady

Mosher said...

At this rate, I'm kind of expecting we'll be seeing you twice next season. Glass half full? Or just being realistic?

Off to watch Spurs beat the crap out of us this afternoon. In a pub in Scotland. Yay.

Georgina Best said...

Mosher: Sadly for you after today you may be right. You know my views on Shearer but having experienced the pain of relegation this time last year I would not wish it on anyone. The only comfort I can offer is that maybe like Leicester, this will act as a wake up call for the club to sort its act out. Horrible for the fans though.

Mosher said...

The wake up call came when that idiot Ashley decided he knew how to run a club better than the existing staff and hired the likes of Poison Dwarf, causing us to lose Keegan.

It took him months after that to realise he'd ballsed it up enough to try and sell. The only good thing now is that, hopefully, the stupid bastard will lose a fortune when he sells. It's the least he deserves.

M.J.Y said...

It's fantastic - and the party continues on Fri as we lift the cup!

Get ready for my blog on the season (coming soon) on doweneedanotherhero.blogspot