Thursday, 3 May 2007

Fallen Angels

Do you remember me posting a while back about there being certain teams that Foxes fans hate? Like Derby and Nottingham Forest? The latter so much so that I have noticed on the message boards that some fans can't even bring themselves to type the name, referring to them as "N***S F*****T" or similar.

From what I can make out, there is a team they hate most of all. And that team is Leeds United.

I should have guessed. There were lots of chants about them at the match last Saturday. And about Denis Wise, who I have since found out is their manager. Here is an example of one:

"Wise, Wise whatever have you done,
You've put Leeds in Division One,
You won't win a Cup,
You won't win a shield,
Your biggest game will be Huddersfield"

Anyway Leeds are in a spot of bother. A big spot of bother actually. As the chant suggests they are being relegated from the Championship to Division One - or are just about to be unless there is some miracle. How shameful!

Not only that, but they have grave financial problems. Rumours are rife that they are about to go into administration. They are hoping that a saving angel with rush in to buy the club at the eleventh hour. They only have until Wednesday afternoon though, when they play that last match. They will be docked 10 points if they go into administration and after the match on Wednesday that would come off next year's points.

To top it all, just five or six years ago Leeds were up there. In the Premiership and in the final of the European Champions Cup. They went mad buying loads of players who did not in the end deliver enough and their financial problems started. Since then they have slid downhill.

Talk about angels falling from grace. Mind you, who is the most famous fallen angel of them all? Why Satan of course.

Which makes Leeds - The Devil!


Anonymous said...

Yea.....I remember Leeds in the 70's. There's a book,,1853129,00.html

that you'll have heard of. its a compelling read i would imagine....

I might just get it


Georgina Best said...

There could be dangers in reading about Leeds. Never forget - they are THE DEVIL

eric said...

yeah yeah, Leeds are The Devil....(Revision -Find Out Why I as a Leicester City Fan should despise Dennis Wise)