Thursday, 10 May 2007

Handball Sir

You may be asking yourself - "Why has she posted a picture of Prince William on a football blog?"

If you are asking yourself that question then it is probably because you don't know that Prince William, or rather Prince William of Wales as he is properly titled, is the current President of the Football Association. Has been since May 2006.

The bad news is that he is an Aston Villa fan. Still, no-one is perfect. And importantly he does reportedly have a passion for both playing and watching football.

Of course he is generally associated with a rather squeaky clean image, and there are even some who hope this will have an influence on football hooliganism. Not that he hasn't got himself into the odd scrape mind you.

Doesn't he know 'hand ball' is against the rules?


Anonymous said...

She's a tasty bint. Hand's off she's which famous band of the late 70's early 80's ?

William looks like his mum in that picture.....poor little sod !


Georgina Best said...

He is a pretty boy