Monday, 7 May 2007

Sex It Up

Yes yes. I know I posted about the women's FA cup final yesterday but I am going to post about it again today. Well it is a girl's blog after all!

Arsenal, as expected, won - 4 - 1. Again. For it would seem that they have won several times before. 7 in fact. They certainly seem to be top dogs at the moment. This is the 4th trophy they have won this year.

The club is about to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. Evidence that Women's football is still in its infancy in many ways. So to the anonymous commenter on my previous post, perhaps we should not be surprised if it is slower and less clever. Less sophisticated altogether. Just like men's football. Look at a match from bygone times.

What will be interesting is to see how quickly it grows. Learning from the men's game.

They have a long way to go though. Image will be a critical start. There is a world cup coming up later this year. That could attract more attention than they have ever had before. But if you look at the England team, whilst they look quite sporty, they do not look beautiful. Not in a modern, image-conscious society such as we live in. They look very ordinary, which is of course beautiful in its own important way. But is it not the 'beautiful' society expects of its superstars. Society seeks perfection.

They need to find a way to bring sex into Women's football. Not necessarily in a pretty, dainty sort of way. But in a way that expresses what it is like to be a beautiful and accomplished woman.

I am going to make a point of watching the Women's World Cup in September. I will be interested to see how much coverage it gets and how it is viewed. And I will of course be interested to see how England get on.

See you tomorrow


Anonymous said...

The ball was a lot heavier in those days of course. But, imagine playing in front of 120 thousand on open terraces.

Women's world cup will be interesting. Do England stand any chance ?'s not something I'm at all familiar with.
Best I go look


Georgina Best said...

Heavy balls eh?! Always some excuse SS.

We will follow the progress of the England team together