Thursday, 17 May 2007

I See White Socks - Where? - Right Over There

There are two famous Neil Warnocks. One is an agent for various top rock bands, including Status Quo, Deep Purple and Motorhead. The other is the erstwhile manager of Sheffield United. At least until yesterday when he resigned. The reason for his resignation is in some dispute, and a romantic link has not been ruled out.

The name Neil Warnock is now being strongly linked with Leicester City Football Club. Despite the attraction of images of large numbers of Foxes' fans playing air guitar in the stands, my guess is that this is probably he of the football world.

Fans discussing him on the message boards have described him as "nasty" arrogant" and "conceited" although many of them also concede that his is a reasonable manager. There also seems some confusion about his name which on occasions is spelt "Warcock" or "Warthog". He does seem to have a knack of p*****g people off, including giving Nigel Worthington a two fingered salute a while back (he's not all bad then).

There is some evidence to back up these allegations. For example, he has some strong views about referees who have sight defects, which seems rather discriminatory to me.

In his favour though he is not flashy. Not for him a Porshe or a Jag. Oh no, he selects a more modest form of transport.

Nor, it would appear, is he a slave to the world of trendy dressing and image consciousness.


Anonymous said...

Speachless in admiration.

Three cheers for you!


Georgina Best said...

Hip Hip Horrah!