Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Don't Cry For Me Argentina

On 27th April 2007, West Ham United were given a record fine. £5.5 million pounds. Wow.

The charges related to two Argentinian Footballers, Carlos Tervez and Javier Mascherano. Their transfer to West Ham was set up in a way that is against FA (Revision tip: Football Association, governing body of football) rules. And then when the arrangements were questioned, the club lied to the F. A. Officials. Naughty. Very naughty.

There is a big row raging now because some clubs believe they should have given 10 penalty points, which would have course meant that they were relegated. West Ham retort that it is right and proper that the end of season positions are based upon performance on the field not off it. Complicated stuff.

Where do I sit in this debate? Probably on my sofa, guitar in hand, lost in my singing.


Anonymous said...

Interesting debate. Thing is, there's a passion for west ham on the radio and media.....quite sympathectic to them. I understand in a way. Greenwood, Moore, Brooking, Alf garnett even. A fine club competing .....Dave Wheelan. Owns JJB Sports. Big financial player but new. Used to own Oral Rugby not doing well since he fled.

Wheelan want's blood and backed up by Warnock at S utd, sparkes gonna fly.

West Ham meet a "weakened" Man U side this weekend. Man U due up for FA Cup match V's The Chelsea.....very soon.....Ferguson say's he will paly a full-strength side this sat too.....bollocks :-).....west ham playing like gods atm. tevez......just electric. (given them at least 14 points this season).....and it's all over him...the whole row about who own's who........... blood will be me

My guess is that in the end, wheelan will win...but far from easy to predict



Georgina Best said...

Sounds ominous. Think I will stick to singing

Anonymous said...

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