Friday, 11 May 2007

Bosman (Bosman)

There is a rumour about Nils Eric Johansson of The Foxes (revision tip: Known as Nisse Johansson see post 23rd April - click on the label below). The rumour is that IFK Gothenburg of Sweden have approached Nisse about a move there at the end of the season. A Bosman transfer.

The name Bosman refers to the Belgian footballer Jean-Marc Bosman, who successfully challenged in the courts, practises which effectively prevented players from transferring freely once their contract had ended. Since then players have been able to do this and Johansson will be in the position to do this when the season is over.

Players who transfer in this manner appear on transfer lists as Name (Bosman). Good thing the ruling was in 1990 so the player in question is no longer a professional footballer. Because otherwise he would be listed as Bosman (Bosman).

OK. I know it was a crap joke but its Friday night. That's all there is to it.

Have a nice weekend


Anonymous said...

Such breadth of knowledge. I'm out of breath thinking about it.
Didn't know he was from Belgium. A place I know well. Malmedy on Google Earth will get you there.

Great post. Look forward to hearing about the play-offs this weekend. Yeovil playing 2night against the once mighty Notts Forest.

Georgina Best said...

Try to keep you breathing under control SS. Heavy breathing is only attractive in certain situations