Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Special Offer?

I had a call on my mobile phone at work yesterday.

"Is that Georgina Best?"
"Is this a wind up?"
"Er no, is that Georgina?"
"Er yes"
"This is Leicester City Football Club"
"Are you sure this is not a wind up?"
"No - I am ringing you because you visit the official Leicester City Website". She then went on to explain how they are trying to entice people to purchase 'pay to view" and have a special offer. Viewing until 14th September for just £4.99. No obligation.

No obligation. Also no football it seems to me. I'm not entirely sure when the new season starts and I know there are pre-season friendlies and things but its not the same is it.

Having said that, as invited I did have a look at the packages on the website. At normal prices it is less than £1 per week - about £40 per year. Which if I was a proper fan I think I would consider a pretty good deal, especially as I am unlikely to get to many games. Still being something of a fledgling fan, however, I think I need to continue developing my fanaticism a little more before parting with my money.

Imagine how many Pukka pies I could buy with £40.


Anonymous said...

The answer to that Georgina.....is quite few.......you fat bastard


Georgina Best said...

Being fat doesn't make you a bad person SS