Friday, 1 June 2007

Soxes In Boxes, Mad Dogs And Foxes

You must be wondering where I have been!

Well I have been moving house. Which accounts for a couple of days not posting I guess. But then BT messed up transferring my Broadband. So I have been 'sans Internet' until today. Talk about feeling as if you have had a limb cut off.

Still here I am. Back with a vengeance.

And there has been so much happening in the world of football since my last confession - er I mean post. Just over a week has seen big changes at Leicester City alone. These include:
  • A new manager for The Foxes, Martin Allen
  • A new shirt for The Foxes (see picture)
  • A makeover for the official website
So lets spend a brief moment looking at each of these.

Martin Allen

Also known as "Mad Dog", it would seem he too is a blogger. He already has links with Leicester it would appear, running a successful French polishing business in the city. Time will tell of course but one has to hope that any polish he brings to LCFC will be more than just veneer (yes alright I know that is dead corny but I'm out of practise!)

New Shirt

Oh dear. Whoever told them that was a good look! I mean Topps Tiles. It doesn't exactly shout 'cool' does it. And just how many people will be wearing that shirt in the picture? It looks as if it has been through one of my "oh dear I accidentally put it on too hot a wash and now it has stretched beyond recognition" washes.

On the plus side, Topps Tiles claim to be "Britain's top tile and wood flooring specialists", so at least "Mad Dog" Allen will have something to rub to a mirror shine.

Oh and do check out Tiles FM on the Topps Website (you can find the link just above the wooden flooring icon). Mmm - funky!

Website Makeover

And finally the official LCFC website has had a makeover. Bit confusing until you get used to it but I have to say a definite improvement. Who knows one day they may even decide to link to this website. Now wouldn't that just add a bit of class!


Anonymous said...

Make it happen girl. It can be done

Georgina Best said...

In the cesspit of blogging the solids always float to the top