Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Sweet Melodies

I've posted before about football singing and chants. There are other ways that the worlds of football and music meet however.

For example do you remember the Anfield Rap recorded by the 1988 FA Cup finalists? Or Diamond Lights in 1987 by Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle, voted 33rd worst single of all time. And then of course there was Three Lions by those dear boys Baddiel and Skinner. Not forgetting that legendary song Vindaloo by that icon of pop, Fat Les.

As for Blue Is The Colour, it almost makes you want to be a Chelsea fan. Only almost though.

What I grew up singing of course was:

Georgie Best, superstar Wears women's knickers and a Platex bra

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Matt said...

I find it funny how away fans at Torquay chant "you only work in the summer". Surely that's a good thing, I would love to only work in the summer!