Thursday, 28 June 2007

Milan Is A Leicester Fan

I reckon that Milan Manderic is alright you know.


Because he understands passion. He understands desire and he understands hunger.

How do I know?

Well, when asked why he picked Martin Allen above other managers who were apparently more appealing he said;

"I did interview a lot of experienced people for the manager's job at Leicester City. I didn't see any big desire for them to become the manager - they didn't want the job in the way Martin wanted the job. I was impressed with his desire. I genuinely think it's what this club needs at this time."

He understands about the importance of listening too;

".... always listen. There's always good advice available to you but you'll only hear it if you are willing to keep your ears open."


"he (Neil Warnock) was on my short-list. But then the e-mails and messages started to arrive, it was clear that a lot of our fans were not so keen on Mr Warnock. So I listened to them".

He knows its the little things that matter as well as the big ones:

"If your dad can't get a pie at half time, maybe you should let me know. Give me a call - then, the following week, I'll come down and queue with you, see if we can sort it out together."

But best of all, he believes in magic:

City Fan: As a City fan for over 40 years, obviously I would love us to be back in the Premiership, but, even more, I want us to win the FA Cup. I'm sure you know, we've played in it four times and lost every one. If you can win it for us, your name will become legendary!

MM: "I'd like to win every game we play. I love the FA Cup; I know what it means in England - and especially here in Leicester. Kate - let's see what we can do shall we?"

Like I said - he's alright.


Anonymous said...

always good to have a short list....shorter the better probably

Georgina Best said...

Not sure I agree. Sometimes keeping your options open until you are ready to make a decision is the right thing to do. You have to be really sure to commit. That way you know you have gone through the selection process properly.
There comes a point thought when you do have to trust your judgement, believe in yourself and follow your heart.