Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Accumulate To Speculate

Sorry everyone. Another nightmare week with my broadband. Problem with the actual line this time apparently.

But I am back. Hopefully for good this time!

Lots happening in the football world as usual. Looking at the LCFC website and the fans message boards the main topics are transfers and season tickets. There is a sort of 'new term' feel about. The official site has optimistic news articles about a surge in season ticket sales. The fans are speculating about transfers and fixtures.

And in the wider world of football there is speculation about changes of club ownership. Debate about the outcome of next weeks mediation to try to sort out the West Ham/ Sheffield United debacle. And of course more stuff about transfers.

Putting the issue of lack of Internet access to the side, I have to confess I am finding it quite difficult to feel involved. It is one thing to learn about things that have happened. It is very much another to follow the threads of who might go where. Not least because I don't know who most of the people involved are! Just shows how much I have a learn.

To that end a kind friend of mine has given me a book. It is called "How Soccer Explains The World" and has such interesting chapter headings as "How Soccer Explains the Survival of the Top Hats" and " How Soccer Explains the Pornography of Sects" (yes that is "sects"!). I have to finish Alan Bennett's "Untold Stories" first but then I intend to get stuck in.

I reckon if I can make sense of that book I ought to be able to understand everything.


Anonymous said...

think book will be just the thing.....gonna get a copy myself for sure.....hope net stays working

Anonymous said...

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